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What is Animal Communication & How Does It Work? Part 2

What is Interspecies Telepathic Communication? 

How Does It Work? (Part 2)

Interspecies Telepathic Communication is a universal form of communication that all beings are born with.

Telepathy means to "feel" over a distance.
(Telephone means "sound" over a distance.)
Interspecies means “Existing or occurring between species.”
Communication means to share information.

We are all born with the ability to communicate telepathically with each other and between different species. We communicate in this way all the time. It is so natural that we often do not know that we are doing it. It just happens much like breathing in and out. Natural. We do it without thinking about it.

Have you ever been thinking about someone and then suddenly the phone rings and they are on the other end of the line and you tell them that you were just thinking about them? They might say that they had been thinking about you as well. That is telepathic communication... the moment that both of you thought of the other before the phone call was made was the act of telepathy. A friend thought of you and at that same moment you start to think about them.

How is it that a mother or father of a pre-verbal baby or child knows what the child’s cry means? How do they know that the cry means the baby needs to be changed or is hungry, or needs a nap, etc.... How do they know? Some might answer that they just "know", or they have a gut feeling. That sense of knowing or the gut feeling is telepathy. This sense of “knowing” is what I feel is deep, true, telepathic communication. No words are needed. You just know and then you take the appropriate action.

Have you ever been totally concentrating or focused on something on a computer or deep into the joy of a good book and all of a sudden you break that connection, turn, and see your dog looking up at you and you say, "do you need to go out?" How did you get that feeling and knowledge? No words are spoken. The dog was just silently there. Well that too is telepathy. We humans often get into our heads and try to explain these "things" away but it is very real and happens all the time.

How does this kind of communication work? Doesn't it only happen to those "gifted" humans? No! Each and every human has the ability to communicate with each other as well as with our animal friends.

I like to say that there are those that are born with abilities that I liken to a Mozart or Beethoven in the music world. There are also protégé’s in the world of telepathic communication but like any modality, take music for instance, those of us that were not born with the “gifted” ability can practice and become better….even as good as the protégé.

When I was in college there were several musical genius that made everything look so easy and natural, but with practice and dedication I along with many of my fellow music major colleges, could perform and play as well as they did. The difference is that most of us had to practice and work much harder to achieve what they did without much effort. This is true when it comes to communicating with the animals. If we practice we get better!

We all have the ability to communicate with the animals when we are born. This ability is often lost to us when we reach the age that we learn to read and write. At that age we are usually told that we do not have imaginary friends and that it is time for us to "grow up". Thankfully at this moment in time more and more adults are encouraging their children to develop their intuitive abilities instead of forgetting them and making them not be real.

How does telepathy work?

Telepathy, like all good communication needs a receiver (someone to listen) and a sender (the one that is communicating). The communication becomes 2-way when the sender becomes the receiver and the receiver the sender. Think of it like a game of tennis. Back and forth. The gentle back and forth makes for good communication.

The sending and receiving of telepathic communication works kind of like a TV or radio station. Let's pretend that you want to listen to a certain radio station. How does that radio signal from the station that you want to listen to get to your radio? First you have a person in the radio studio talking and/or they are playing music. that sound is "magically" turned into energy that flows from the studio to a transmitter and then up a tower or satellite dish. From there these invisible sound waves are then sent out into the air at a certain frequency.

How do you hear this information? Well you have to have a receiver. that would be a radio. The radio station that you want to listen to have the frequency of 106 on the FM dial so you turn the dial until you clearly hear the station.

In the case of telepathic animal communication you also have a sender and receiver. Each of us is made up of energy and we each have our own unique "frequency". This is kind of like our fingerprints. There are billions of humans on this planet and each has a unique fingerprint. The same is true of our energetic "signal". The energetic field around us is sometimes called our aura. Every animal also has an energetic "signal" or frequency. If I wish to communicate with an animal I will need to tune the dial to receive their signal.

Currently we have cell phones. Maybe thinking about how a cell phone works can help you understand how telepathic communication works. If everyone had their own cell phone they would also have their own personal phone number. If you wish to talk to a person you pick up your cell phone (or talk hands free) and dial the persons number. If they are available they answer the phone and you can have a conversation or communication. Sometimes, just like a cell phone, the animal is “busy” so we leave a message! I always ask them if it is a good time to talk and if they say ‘NO’ I let them know I will return at a better time.

How do we receive telepathic communication?

Each of us receives telepathic communication differently. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to do this. Some people hear words in their heads/minds. Some people see pictures that can be still pictures or like moving video. (Very similar to having a daydream.) Other ways that people can receive telepathic communication is through physical sensations in their bodies or emotions while others have a "gut feeling" or sense of knowing....they just "Know" that something is so. Finally each of our senses can be ways that one can receive telepathic communication from an animal: taste, smell, hearing, sight, physical sensations.

 What is the role of an animal communicator?

An animal communicator is a translator. Think of interspecies telepathic communication as a foreign language. Pretend that you would like to communicate with someone but they speak Chinese and you don't, and they don't speak English. What are you going to do? You could try drawing your ideas. You could try to use sign language of some kind and point to things but it would be much better if you could actually communicate with each other. You could learn Chinese but that would take a long time to become fluent. They could learn English but again a long learning curve or, you could get a translator. That is what an animal communicator is, a translator between a human and an animal.

Taking an animal communication class is like trying to learn a foreign language. You cannot be fluent in a language after attending a 1-hr class or a weekend workshop but you can get some tools to help you learn and begin to open to this wonderful world. The animals will help you and support you and they are so excited and happy when another human begins to open to them in this very special way.

On of the many things that I have learned from the animals over the years is as a translator one word can totally change the meaning of a concept. I am often corrected by the animals when a word that I used, when trying to put a concept into words, has changed what they are saying. One could easily think that anyone being corrected by an animal is not a good communicator. Well think about this concept.... what does it feel like when you are in love? The word LOVE. That one word is what we say to describe feelings and emotions but does that one word do the actual experience of love justice? Of course not! I feel that words are lacking but they are what we humans use to communicate. I could not begin to do justice and explain what it feels like to me to sit across from the one that I love and look deeply into their eyes and feel a connection that could be likened to a soul connection. Impossible to put into words. What are the sensations that flow through our bodies in those moments in time? How does one put that into words? What are the emotions and feelings that come in that moment in time? How could anyone possibly put that experience into words? Poets and songwriters have tried but I don't think anyone has ever been able to do it...put "that" experience into words.

Keeping this in mind please realize that we as communicators do our very best to explain and translate what the animal shares by putting everything into words but we can fall short of exactly what they fully express. Thankfully the animals are often patient and will help us make sure the meaning that they are trying to communicate comes through properly and clearly.

I often find it fascinating that if working in a group to communicate with one animal each person can receive different information but when the group talks and shares what they receive a picture of the whole being, the animal, forms on many interesting levels. The reason is each of us is different. We each have different backgrounds and life experiences. Because of that fact, each person will have a different experience with the same animal. I often find it fascinating and exciting when I work with other communicators that have different ways of receiving communication but our information is similar or even the same, just different translations if you will.

I feel that the most important thing that a human can do to fully understand Interspecies Telepathic Communication is to experience it first hand. Your experience will be different from anyone else’s. How you receive communication will be unique to you. There is no right or wrong way. Just different.

You animal friends are waiting for you to open in this way. As you practice they will take you deeper and your life will be forever changed in a good way. Be open to the possibilities and always be child like as if everything in your world is new and wondrous.  

Friday, October 13, 2017

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Love & Grief

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Life is made up of opposites that balance each other: Yin and Yang; dark and the light; up and down; cold and hot; grief and love. 

As I write, I am experiencing deep grief. My grief is not just from the loss of my father, but from the deep loss of our beloved kitty Rudy, who has left a hole in our hearts and home. Please continue reading because this is not a story to make you feel sad, but one of hope, deep love and beautiful messages from Rudy.  

I hate grief! I have been here many times before, for both humans and animals that I love. Each time that I have experienced grief it has been different. No two feel alike and they can each bring up past grief. Why? Why is there grief? Who invented it? It seems so cruel. I don’t know if these questions can be answered, but I did receive something from Rudy that has been a great comfort for me. 


Rudy is a survivor and a lover of life. A message that he gave me right after he transitioned from his physical body was “Live life. Survive!” You see Rudy is a survivor. I met him 5 years ago when he was living behind the dumpster at my father’s assisted living facility. He was starving but so filled with joy. He loved humans. Rudy said that he survived despite all the odds and look what happened. The last five years of his life were paradise. He said that if he had not survived, he would not have experienced his life with us. We never know what is just around the corner, so live and survive. 

As I sat in meditation with him in the days right after he died, my heart was broken into pieces, shattered at best. I received a message from him that I felt in my body and visualized in my minds eye. I wish I had the talent to draw and animate but hopefully you will be able to visualize the following for yourself. 

In a moment of deep sobbing I was stopped cold. Oh, thank you for that! I felt something in my heart and then Rudy showed me. Here is what I “saw”. 

Imagine your hands in prayer position or Gassho. Your united hands represent a heart (and kind of looks like an upside down heart).   

I brought my hands down in front of me so fingers were no longer pointing up to the heavens but out and away from my heart center. Then I was shown to open my hands from prayer position to look like an opened book. That represented my broken heart but it also represents an open heart. My heart was cracked wide open. What is inside of the heart? Love!


Inside the heart shell is a jewel called love. 

I “saw” a gel like substance inside both halves of the heart shell that glowed a neon blue color. That substance was love, the love we feel for the one that has died and is now in spirit. I saw my shattered heart pieces everywhere. Inside or on top of each piece was the glowing blue substance that is unconditional love. 

It was clear to me that the message is: Love is forever; grief, eventually and in its own time, will fade but Love never dies! The pieces come back together and what continues is beautiful beyond words. What continues is the love we have for the other. 

Rudy showed me that when grief and love come together, we are forever changed. When our heart is open from grief, our heart is also open to love. To feel this kind of love is to know our true selves and to know pure unconditional love. To hurt this deeply, we have loved that deeply. Grief fades but love grows and expands beyond time and space. 

That's what Love's got to do with it!


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Reiki & Interspecies Telepathic Communication: different or the same?

Reiki & Interspecies Telepathic Communication: different or the same?

There is a long standing debate that Reiki and Animal Communication are distinctly different healing modalities. For example, when one is offering Reiki to an animal and the practitioner receives telepathic communication the practitioner is not fully focused on the Reiki session. In my experience that is not true. When one is focused and present with another, silent communication (telepathy) takes place naturally.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word that means "spiritual energy." The Japanese word "Ki" is the same as the more familiar Chinese word "Chi" which translates to mean energy and the life force. Ki is the life force that is in every living being and thing. Reiki works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the body.

This kitty shows the humans how to relax and receive healing

There are many different schools of Reiki but two main basic practices: Traditional Japanese Reiki and Modern Reiki. Modern Reiki's main focus is hands-on healing and often the practitioner believes that THEY must heal the client or that they are responsible for the client's healing.

Hannah connecting with students and points out how to BE

The System of Traditional Japanese Reiki consists of various meditations, practices and techniques. There are many goals in the practice of Reiki including self-healing and relaxation. To become one with the energy, practice quieting the mind and relaxing the physical body, connecting with earth energy and heavenly energy, and  "step into" or become the "bright light," creating a lovely space where healing can take place. There is an energy exchange that can take place as the client and the practitioner are in the "space" of healing where the practitioner offers energy and the client (both human and/or animal) can choose to accept the energy that is offered or choose not to. It is up to the human or animal to heal themselves.

Just as in the practice of Reiki, there are many different styles or approaches to Interspecies Telepathic Animal Communication. First of all, what exactly is Interspecies Telepathic Communication? Telepathy means "feeling" at a distance. Feeling can be emotional feelings, physical sensations or that gut feeling or sense of knowing. This way of telepathic communication takes place not in your head but in your whole being. 
For more information about Interspecies Telepathic Communication CLICK HERE

Some animal communicators call themselves pet psychics. Usually they work from their heads or minds and "read" the animal's energy. They do what is called a reading and often do not ask the animals permission. 

Many of my colleagues work from the mind connection but go a bit deeper to what is called the heart-to-heart connection. There are some communicators who go even deeper with their connection to the animal by focusing on their belly/gut and connecting to the earth through their feet and whole being, very similar to the Traditional Japanese Reiki practices.

Interspecies Telepathic Communication begins by first asking permission from the animal and respecting them if they do not want to share with you at that moment in time. Using the same techniques that one uses when offering a Reiki session to an animal, the communicator centers themselves, quieting the mind and relaxing the physical body while breathing into their hara center. Next the practitioner sits in the silence with the animal waiting for a "connection" or signal from the animal that they are ready to have a two-way conversation. This process can be very quick or it can take time. The communicator sits in the silence with the animal as if they are an empty basket sitting under a peach tree waiting for the peach to ripen and gently dropping down into the waiting basket. This meditative state of being is the same as the meditative sate of being and connection when offering Reiki to a human or animal. One must be open, patient, and fully present, simply BEING with each other.
Offering Reiki

 It is often said that the founder of Reiki, Miako Usui, would sit in silence opposite a student and an energy exchange or healing (Reiju) would take place. No hands-on healing, just sitting opposite each other and BEING in the silence together. It is the same with animal communication. In the silence, deep communication takes place. It takes place mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul via the gut or hara center. I do not find a difference in this state of being and a 2-way exchange of energy. Energy is energy. Reiki is energy. Telepathy is energy. Are they not the same?

My feelings in my heart, mind, soul, gut (hara center) feel the same when I am doing my Reiki practice and when I am in deep communication with an animal or nature. I feel I use the same techniques to begin an animal communication session as I do when offerlng Reiki. The difference with the animal communication session is the intention. The human client hopes to learn the animal's point of view so the communicator must find a way to translate into words what comes or is exchanged as "feelings" or energy. To me the foundation for deep communication is the same foundation that one practices with the system of Reiki. I feel there are more similarities in Reiki and Interspecies Telepathic Communication than not.

Monday, May 1, 2017


Lessons From A Dumpster Kitty

Survival, Healing & BEING

From the moment I first met him, Rudy always has a lot to say. Little did I know just how much and how he would forever change our lives.

1st day I fed Rudy Aug 2012

A skinny black and white kitty with a black scarecrow like nose appeared from behind a tall fence made of woven wooden boards right next to the dumpster of my father's assisted living facility.

Rudy happily eating

His voice pierced through and above everything in the noisy parking lot, including large fire trucks a few yards away. He was starving and all about food but so friendly. He was not afraid to walk right up to the 4 of us that were thrilled to see him. He was not afraid of a wheelchair or walker. He greeted everyone in the most special and sweet way.


Oh he had so much to say and continues to talk quite clearly and loudly! I remember thinking to myself, "I could not live with that noise!!" It was not love at first sight for me, but now he not only has my (and our) heart, he is part of my very soul.

45 minutes after Rudy arrived....he was HOME!

3 days after the first meeting, Rudy came to live with us. His healing work began the moment he came through the door of our home. So many people told us that Rudy was a lucky boy to have been rescued from starvation and living on the streets, but Rudy saved us! It had been 6 months since our beloved kitty Katy had died and we did not want to bring an animal companion into our stress filled home. The stress came from the challenges of human elder care and our grief from missing Katy "sunshine" as well as other situations that are just the stuff of life, but Rudy rolls with the punches and was a purr-fect match.

Rudy on my lap helping and inspiring

Rudy is our first lap cat. (Our others would sit next to us but never on us.) 
Rudy's first night home

He slept in bed with us the first night he came home and his purrs were instantly healing and up lifting. It must have felt like the best dream to him after who knows how long of sleeping in the wild of the suburbs. He even survived the horrible derecho storm that summer.

Rudy loves "his" porch

Every morning Rudy wakes me up to go outside on the porch to greet the day and meditate. Of course getting up that early is always about food. We feel he will never loose the fear of starvation, but that life is in his past. 

He often purrs and chatters at the birds and other critters that come and go from our yard. When the weather is cold he brings me to his favorite chair right next to the windows that gives him a perfect view of his outdoor kingdom.

Rudy was diagnosed with a rare cancer on January 16th of this year. We were told there is no cure and at best we had weeks to months. What? How can this be? But Rudy seems to have other ideas.

Every day he reminds me to BE in the moment.
Another lesson from him is: Problem? Not a problem! 

Shortly after he was home from the ER after his diagnosis of cancer, Rudy told an animal communicator friend and colleague of mine that, "It is NOT a PROBLEM". Cancer is NOT a PROBLEM! He also said that we were to remember his point of view, that he is living and being in the moment.

How does one "BE" in the moment when we are afraid of what might be or what could happen? The answer to that question is simple and yet has many layers. The animals all know the answer. But please read on for more from Rudy.

Rudy has been teaching me lessons every day and moment that he has been with us. This is one example...

Do try to always remember that words can have "power" if we allow them to. The word CANCER. Cancer that has no cure. Weeks to months! How is this possible? But Rudy lives lessons of living and being in the present moment. He has and is teaching us to Trust. Trust our feelings and our gut. Gather information. Gather the medical team. Listen to Rudy. Often he reminds us to look at him. What do we see? We see a healthy, happy kitty. No one would know he had cancer if we did not tell them. He is clear that we must always ask him if we begin to doubt.

It has been almost 4 months since we were given the diagnosis of weeks to months for him to live and yet here we are! Rudy is our miracle.

Rudy purrs into the microphone with his wisdom, healing and so much more

Rudy has made it clear that he wants his "voice" to be heard. I told him I would try to do my best to honor his request an find a venue that would best serve him to make that possible.

I am happy to announce that Rudy has agreed to be the new "spokesman" for Animal Paradise - Communication & Healing. He has a new Face Book page called, "Healing Purrs From Rudy". (link below)

What's next? 

There are limitless possibilities, Rudy says. I have a feeling he will be inspiring and encouraging me to share his teachings, thoughts and wisdom here in the Animal Paradise Blog.

As you go about your daily life remember to take a moment, or more, and BE. Breathe it all in for a moment and FEEL. As you do this FEEL the healing purrs that come from Rudy to you.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Lessons From Lucy & Friends: Fox

Lessons From Lucy & Friends:

Lesson From Fox

Even though we live in the suburbs of Washington, DC we are blessed with many wild beings. I never know who might show up from day to day. There is a fox family that used to have a den right on the edge of our property but they moved. Several different red foxes still visit our bird feeder along with deer, squirrels, chipmunks and of course birds. Early this morning one was right outside the window and then poof! She was gone. Most likely hunting her breakfast.

Earlier this summer while I was out on our screened porch doing my morning meditation with Rudy on my lap, I received a message and lessons from "fox". This message is a wonderful lesson for we humans. This is from the fox's point of view...

  • Be alert and use all of your senses to instantly assess every moment and situation.
  • Keep moving when outside the den/home.   
  • Be quick when needed but always quickly assessing the situation, especially when it comes to food. 
  • Feed yourself first and then feed your family. 
  • Find others and work together for the common good of survival. (She shows me the deer family that always comes into our yard. She often appears just after they (the deer family) eat at our bird feeder and at times is right there with them. The reason she is always close to them, she shares, is they know the best places to find food that the humans share with the wild ones. They have an interesting collaboration and agreement.
    Fox waiting for deer to invite or leave

    Deer at feeder and fox back by trees waiting
  • Dig in the earth. (As you are digging become the earth. Let everything else go and become obsessed with the digging...claws and paws and the feel, smell and textures.) 
  • The cave or den is home and sanctuary but so much more.
  • Go into the earth every day. 
  • Take nourishment on all levels from the mother. (Mother Earth) In summer it (the earth/den) is dark and cool  but in winter it is warmth and protection...always protection from the elements. 
  • Sleep. Deep sleep. All needed. 
  • Feel the feeling of safety and comfort. 
I am always in awe and humbled by the profound and wise lessons that the animals share with we humans.

What lessons do you take from the message from Fox?

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Signs & Messages

Messages and Signs

When we connect deeper with our animal friends and all of nature our whole being can change. We each experience life in our own unique way. It is important that we are open to the world around us. Often we are so caught up in the stuff of life or focused on our mobile devises when we are out in the world, we miss the subtle messages and signs that are given to us every day and moment. I would like to share with you one such moment that left me speechless and in awe. 

On September 28th, 2016 my life was forever changed because it was the day that my father made his transition from this physical life to one that is fully in spirit form. I was told by a friend that it was as if he had been in a very dark cave that was covered with a boulder and suddenly the boulder was rolled away and there was light guiding him out of the darkness.

I had been asking for signs or messages from Dad and I did my best to be open to possibilities. The morning after he died I saw 3 foxes run through our yard. I have never see 3 foxes at the same time in the 30 years we have lived here, so I took that as a possible sign from Dad but was not 100% sure. 

Then a butterfly that I had never seen before or since, circled my head 3 times and landed on a flower right in front of my face. The energy of this delightful being was so high and fast and yet calm and peaceful. There was a smile in every cell of my body!

But it was less than one week later, the day after his funeral, as I walked out of his assisted living facility after cleaning and packing, that I…. Well I have no words. Instead I would like to share with you what I saw.

As I walked toward my car I looked at the setting sun and noticed there was a “sun dog” to the left of the sun. (A sundog is a rainbow that can appear on either side of the setting sun if conditions are right) I gasped with joy. I had just been thinking about the sundog that our kitty Sammy sent us on the day that he died in 2007. It was a big rainbow eye in the sky to the right of the setting sun. Sammy sent it again on the last day of a week long trip that I was on with the humpback whales in the Silver Bank. Again we saw the big rainbow eye on the right side of the setting sun as we headed in to our boat.  

Those were amazing but nothing compared to what I experienced this day.
I walked into the parking lot toward my car and saw this:

There were no words. No words could be spoken.
I stopped in my tracks (I did take pictures thankfully).

This photo is the sundog close up.

I was speechless and in awe.

I got in my car to begin driving home. The parking lot opened up exposing more of the sky and this is what I saw next….

I jumped out of the car to take photos because I knew no one would believe me and then I just stood there in the moment. Holy cow dad!!! Thanks!

Next I called my husband, who was at home, and asked him to run outside and look at the sun to see if he could see what I saw. The tree line blocked the sun and he told me that he could not see anything, but he looked up straight over his head and said all he could see was a rainbow and his neck was hurting from looking up like that. That seemed very strange to me and there was nothing like that were I was.

When I arrived home I stood in our drive way and looked straight up to see this….

I have never seen a rainbow in the clouds. How is this possible?

I felt like this was yet another sign from Dad, A smiling rainbow. Dad’s beautiful blue eyes and his rainbow smile looking down over the top of our house.

That was a pretty big sign and message if you ask me! I felt that my father was trying to let us know that he is just fine, actually better than fine. It was as if he was having the best time and wanted to share a tiny bit with us.

My heart still hurts so much missing him, but it is also filled with love and comfort as I am always in awe of nature, the animals and the great mystery of the all that is.

A couple of days after the Sundog my brother, nephew and I were at Dad’s apartment clearing it out and looked out the window and saw this:

I knew this too was a sign from Dad. He loved looking out his window and from time to time these big birds would sit on the top of a tree and the two of them seemed to have a conversation. This bird posed for us and seemed to be deeply and purposefully connected to us, as we stood at the window together in the moment filled with wonder and awe. There were messages but they are personal.

Always try to remember to take a moment to open to possibilities that there are signs and messages around you all the time. Look for them. They may be a shiny penny, a feather, butterflies or flowers, or a bird that seems to be singing just for your pleasure and enjoyment. Listen, feel, experience and have fun. The animals and all of nature have so much to teach and share with us.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Illusion & the Magic Bridge

Illusion & The Magic Bridge


Always an interesting topic and thought for me, but what does illusion and a bridge have to do with animal communication and healing?
The above picture came from Annie Kagan, the author of the book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. Today in her newsletter she writes about a "magic bridge" that allows us to walk across and penetrate the illusions of life. To do so one must get quiet, tuning out the noise and fears of the world that most of us are bombarded with daily via our TV's, radio, internet and more. 
To me getting quiet means BEING...BEING in the stillness and silence with the animals and all that is. The animals are the perfect examples and teachers of the find art of BEING. Remember that we are "human-beings" not "humans-doing"!

On our path of life you may find yourself standing in the middle of the "magic bridge" feeling as if the waters and land below are treacherous and threatening to come crashing over and take you with them, but remember that it is but an illusion! It does not feel that way in the moment. Trust me as I seem to be on the bridge almost every day lately. Thankfully there are life preservers and things we can do to get safely across the bridge.

Take a slow deep breath in and out and connect to one or more of your animal friends. As you do this, notice your whole body and mind shifting as you connect to the earth energy and the power that is within you deep down in your belly/gut. Allow the illusions of life that do not serve you to fall away as your animal friend/s and you walk across the Magic Bridge together. Allow the animals to teach you and show you the way.
May your day be filled with moments of silence and joy as you spend time with your animal friend/s and with nature. Feel the earth under your feet and walk with confidence and courage across the "magic bridge" allowing the illusions of life to drop gently under the bridge and of course don't forget to smile!