Thursday, July 21, 2016

Illusion & the Magic Bridge

Illusion & The Magic Bridge


Always an interesting topic and thought for me, but what does illusion and a bridge have to do with animal communication and healing?
The above picture came from Annie Kagan, the author of the book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. Today in her newsletter she writes about a "magic bridge" that allows us to walk across and penetrate the illusions of life. To do so one must get quiet, tuning out the noise and fears of the world that most of us are bombarded with daily via our TV's, radio, internet and more. 
To me getting quiet means BEING...BEING in the stillness and silence with the animals and all that is. The animals are the perfect examples and teachers of the find art of BEING. Remember that we are "human-beings" not "humans-doing"!

On our path of life you may find yourself standing in the middle of the "magic bridge" feeling as if the waters and land below are treacherous and threatening to come crashing over and take you with them, but remember that it is but an illusion! It does not feel that way in the moment. Trust me as I seem to be on the bridge almost every day lately. Thankfully there are life preservers and things we can do to get safely across the bridge.

Take a slow deep breath in and out and connect to one or more of your animal friends. As you do this, notice your whole body and mind shifting as you connect to the earth energy and the power that is within you deep down in your belly/gut. Allow the illusions of life that do not serve you to fall away as your animal friend/s and you walk across the Magic Bridge together. Allow the animals to teach you and show you the way.
May your day be filled with moments of silence and joy as you spend time with your animal friend/s and with nature. Feel the earth under your feet and walk with confidence and courage across the "magic bridge" allowing the illusions of life to drop gently under the bridge and of course don't forget to smile!

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Morning Chatter: Spring

Happy Spring!!!

The Morning Chatter: Spring

Spring came early here in Northern Virginia this year after a crazy winter. More roller coaster weather coming for us in this area of the world as this weekend "they" are calling for snow.

I so love spring. The crocus are usually the first to wake up from their winter hibernation to announce that warmer weather is coming. Next the daffodils followed by the flowering trees, begin to burst onto the scene. 

This area is famous for the Cherry Blossoms and our cherry tree is in full bloom now.

Please enjoy the latest edition of The Morning Chatter video below. This deer family came for a mid morning visit on St Patrick's Day in the bright sun. I love the long shadows cast by the sun so low in the sky.

This group always has so much to say. Just listen, feel, connect and enjoy a short meditation with them....

The Morning Chatter: Spring

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Morning Chatter: Icicles

The Morning Chatter: Icicles

Ah the wonders of nature. Every aspect is so unique and special. So often we just take everything around us for granted.

The Morning Chatter is not just about the animals and their communication as the day begins, it is about all life. Connecting with nature helps us learn how to BE. In the simple BEING-NESS if you will, we can connect on deep and profound ways with our animal friends and companions as well as all that is.

I hope you enjoy the melting icicles. They are so beautiful. Water in 2 forms = frozen and liquid. Both H2O but different. Different and the same.

Have fun....

The Morning Chatter: Icicles


Friday, January 15, 2016

The Morning Chatter: Sun & Moon

The Morning Chatter: Sun & Moon

Connecting with nature on a daily basis is key to improving your connection with animals and all that is. Developing a daily meditation practice allows you to open in a more grounded and deeper way to your animal friends. Meditation does not need to be complicated. Simply walking in nature or just standing or sitting still can be quite profound. Do this every day and notice how you feel.

Most of my life I was a "night owl" in my work and life but now my kitty Rudy gets me up at O-dark-thirty! What a beautiful time of day. The world for the most part is quiet just before sunrise. The air has a different feel to it. Then as the sun begins to rise above the horizon there is a shift. The world seems to come to life from the stillness of the night.

This morning I was doing my usual morning "chores" of filling bird feeders and making sure our wild animal friends has breakfast and clean water. It was a lovely morning with a soft mist in the air that felt so good on my face. I turned to go back inside and saw the moon in the west with light misty clouds passing in front of its face. Rudy, our kitty, was chattering away as he usually does in the morning. The birds began to wake up and sing their morning songs and the sun started to light up the sky as it began to peek above the horizon through the trees.

Turn the audio up and enjoy a moment of quiet meditation as you connect with the moon, clouds, sky, sun, birds, trees and all that is....

The Morning Chatter: Sun & Moon

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Morning Chatter: Bird Messages

The Morning Chatter: Bird Messages

This edition of The Morning Chatter comes from the bird people. 
Early morning sunrise and sunset is a magical time of day. The animals, especially birds, are active as they wake up, greet the day and go about looking for food. There is so much more going on during this time. 

I invite you to join me in meditation as you listen to the messages and conversations. Can you hear the hawk calling? Oh the squirrels have much to say about that! The crows are always active as they bring the news of the world as well as gossip! The cardinal family often gathers bringing a great sense of community and family. 

Feel your connection to the trees...
The air....
The clouds...
The sun as it both rises and begins to set...

Can you feel a shift inside yourself?

The Morning Chatter: Bird Messages

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Morning Chatter: Deer Friends

The Morning Chatter: Deer Friends

Happy 2016!!!! 

May this year bring you good health, great joy, and many blessings. May your relationships with the animals and nature deepen and grow with each moment that you experience. 

This year continues with new editions of The Morning Chatter. The Morning Chatter is a series of videos that you can use for meditation and connection with the animals and all that is. Meditation is key to so many things in our lives. When we relax we open the doors for healing to take place. When we are in that open and relaxed place we are also better able to have deep connections and communications with our animal friends. The animals are great teachers of how to BE and how to live life to the fullest. It is so simple and yet profound. 

I hope you continue to enjoy the Morning Chatter this year and feel free to review the past editions found on this blog as well as on the Animal Paradise You Tube channel. 

This edition of the Morning Chatter features the Deer People. There is a little family that has been coming most mornings and evenings to have a meal. There is a mother and her twins, a boy and girl. They were born in a neighbors yard this summer. The mother jumped the fence and gave birth leaving the babies safely inside the fenced yard until they were old enough to jump the fence on their own. 

This day they were joined by a young buck. He is not the father. Often in the evenings they are followed by a beautiful red fox. Quite interesting and delightful how they work together for the common good and survival of all. 

Please enjoy my Deer Friends....

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Sunrise

The Morning Chatter: Sunrise

(With music)

I used to be a "night owl" and still can be but I also have a great love for getting up at "o-dark-thirty". There is something magical in the moments just before the sun rises. There is a stillness, peace and calm feeling just before nature seems to wake up. The air feels different and the energy in the moment also has such a lovely feeling to it. I usually go outside to fill the bird feeders and make sure there is water in the birdbath. Sometimes the stars are still shining and I see the moon in the sky. Often in the warmer months a single deer or a family are laying down just watching me go about my chores. 

In an instant, if you take a moment to pause and notice, you will notice that the sky is getting lighter and  nature is beginning to stretch and yawn. It is as if all the wild ones are helping the sun rise up through the trees. The birds begin singing and calling. Can't you just feel and hear it all?

Please enjoy this edition of The Morning Chatter as the sun begins to glow between tree trunks. The air is making the leaves and branches of the trees move, dance and sing their song. Just take a moment and BE. BE with the sun and feel it glowing as you connect with all of nature through your feet on the ground. 

Best viewed full screen with volume turned up!