Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air and the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. Not only are they singing but they are looking for the perfect place to set up house keeping.

Every year we have a wren couple that nest in one of two bird houses that we have hanging off the outside of our screened porch. My husband and I have a great deal of pleasure and joy as we anticipate the arrival of the new babies. One very hot and humid summer I took the time to document the babies learning to fly.

 I called this guy the "bald headed geek". I don't know why. I just love the little tuft of down that stuck up from his head. He was the bold one. Always being fed first and always sticking his head out first waiting for mom or dad to arrive with a wonderful meal or snack.

Finally one day he decided to spread his wings. This was the firs time that I actually saw any of the babies wings. He came out but then said, "I'm not going out there! Let me back in! Really! I mean it. No way am I going out there.

The next think I knew he was back in the bird house and must have taken a nap with his brother and sister.

Nap time was over and he was back at the door to the house trying to see mom and dad. Where is that meal? He kept his wings inside this time but was really sticking out of the door when his brother came from underneath wanting to see where dinner was.

Much to the little guy's surprise his brother pushed really hard to see what was going on and he popped right out. He tried to get back in with such desperation but the other brother filled and blocked the door. He hung on as long as he could but hopped out on the "mailbox" that was hanging right in front of the doorway.

Hey! What are you doing? Let me back in! I don't like it out here. It is so bright and big! Let me back in!!

"No way!" shouted the brother that was at the door. "What are you doing? How did you get out there? What's it like? Where is mom and dad?"

The Bald Headed Geek could not get back in. The look on his face was so pitiful. But not for long.

Mom arrived to find one of her boys out of the house and the other being very bold. Now she would get busier as the boys were about to take their first flight or flutter, but not before more tasty snacks.

But wait a minute. What about their little sister? She is still taking a nap. Oh well. 

The Bald Headed Geek fluttered in a panic, down to the bottom ledge of the bird house while his brother and sister looked on. 

The mother and father wren were very busy now catching dinner for the very active babies. 

It was fascinating to observe all 3 babies at this stage of the game. The Bald Headed Geek eventually jumped or slipped off the ledge and fluttered down to my feet. He then flew very low to the ground to some flowers where he was safe. 

He called out to his parents so they would know where he was. At that moment the father became very attentive and active with this baby. The mother continued to bring food to the two left in the house while the father called to them. With each call or song from their dad, the babies would get very excited, look out the door and chirp loudly. The Bald Headed Geek began to get some strength and try out his new wings fluttering up to a fence. 

Eventually the brother came right out of the house and flew a short distance. Their sister was panicked as she was all alone in their very "Cozy Inn". The mother and father were not having to juggle keeping up with the first baby that was now in the woods, the middle brother that was between the woods and the bird house and the sister that was no about to leave the safety of the nest. 

Finally she came out and the family began to move away from their Cozy Inn. I could hear the papa wren off in the woods but his song kept getting further away. 

So now the male is singing his love song again, trying to attract a female to set up house in the Cozy Inn again. And so it goes.....