Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Morning Chatter

The Morning Chatter with Rudy and friends.

Animal Paradise - Communication & Healing is proud to present The Morning Chatter with Rudy and Friends. The purpose and goal of Animal Paradise is to bring a deeper understanding and relationship between humans, the animal kingdoms and all creation through interspecies telepathic communication and healing energy or love.

Enjoy this video for it will introduce you to the "Spirit" of The Morning Chatter.
Rudy meditates with me each morning as the world wakes up. If you live with a kitty you are most likely familiar with the "chattering" sound they make when they see a bird, chipmunk or other critter they would be interested in playing with. The chattering is to me a fun communication. I hope you enjoy Rudy and friends.

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During warmer months I do my morning meditation outside on our porch with Rudy. As the sun rises the night beings slumber while the earth seems to come alive as the beings of the daylight rise and go about their daily lives.

Did you know that the birds bring the news of the day; both local, national and international? Who needs CNN when we have the birds and the other news networks of Mother Nature? We humans just need to quiet ourselves and listen.

The squirrels begin to come down from the trees seeking fresh sunflower seed on the ground below the bird feeders. Various species of birds arrive checking to see if new birdseed has "magically" appeared in the various feeders. One arrives and then calls out in beautiful song to family and friends announcing that breakfast is served on Paradise Lane!

Usually at least one family of deer come visit for breakfast. They too carry news and messages. I will share them another day.