Sunday, January 24, 2010

TREES/SARA Jan. 2010 group meeting

Saturday, January 23rd was the first TREES/SARA group meeting of 2010.  I could not wait to get there. It had been such a long time and I really missed the horses and Chris.

The sun was rising as I began my journey. It was a beautiful day. The day before and day after it rained but that day was beautiful.

Arriving at TREES, I found the usual greeters. They were having breakfast and relaxing. I had to pause and take it all in.

Miss Mona was getting a sun tan as Fitz and Jubal seemed content to be near the shelter.

Our group first met inside as we welcomed a new member, Jill to the TREES/SARA group. Jill has been coming to TREES every month to offer her many talented services including animal massage and other energy work. We began our group Reiki sessions with Sherman seen in the photo above with Chris Smith. This was Sherman's 3rd Reiki session since his arrival at TREES. At first he seemed unsure what we were all doing just standing in a semicircle in his 'yard'. We told him that we were there to offer him healing if he would like some but that he did not have to take it if he didn't choose to but we would just be there for him.

He began to relax almost right away and took in the healing energy fairly fast.

After a short while Sherman went to take a long drink of water. This is always a good thing for anyone to do that is receiving any kind of energy work as toxins can be released and water helps flush the toxins out. Sherman then walked into his "house" and thought about everything. He then peeked his head out and looked as everyone saying, "They are still there. They really meant what they said!" He walked out and got closer to everyone.

He began to take more healing energy and relaxed again, licking and chewing.

We thanked him as we needed to go. I think that he wanted us to stay with him longer as he tried to follow us out of his enclosure when we left. Thank you Sherman.

After a short break we began to work with Nathan. He is the white horse at the center of the above photo. Nathan has come a long way since he first arrived at TREES in June but he still has physical issues. He needed us to keep our distance as there have been too many humans poking and prodding him in the last few months. He needs his space right now.

Lori, Carol and I began to gently offer him energy. He has issues with his right front foot. Notice how he is standing in the first photo of him. He eventually turned and slowly relaxed and got into a very unusual pose. (photo above) He totally relaxed.

We stayed with him for a good amount of time. It is always magical at TREES. A bird flew through our circle almost touching Carol and me. We all stood very still in the quite, expanding our energy and offering it to Nathan and anyone else that might want it.

Nathan has become one of my greatest teachers. I am always honored to be in his presence. We thanked Nathan and Reiki and then tried to quietly walk through the thick mud and up to the house. Thank you Nathan.

We gathered back in the house to get warm and to share our experiences and observations with each other. Of course if it is Reiki, Hanna will be there teaching. Above she is laying down on the Reiki level two symbols. She is an amazing teacher and healer. We had a very special afternoon with Hannah, Traveller, Ruby and a new kitty.

We said goodbye to all of the residents at TREES and headed back to northern Virginia. What a special day. I look forward to my next visit.

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