Saturday, November 21, 2009

November Reiki at TREES

No Reiki class or session is complete without Hannah the Reiki queen. Here she is pretty much making sure that Pistopher Polumbus leaves the room before everyone arrives. 

We began with Josh. He has not had a Reiki session for quite a while now. He loves the healing energy and he also loves the ladies!

Henry left the pasture to allow Josh to have all of the attention. You see, Henry had just received a private Reiki session from one of his favorite humans, Carole. Sharing Carole with someone else is a huge step for Henry. Thank you Henry. Josh watches him leave.

Josh went to everyone and thanked them for the healing session. 

As Chris offers Josh hands on healing, Josh yawns and yawns. This is what we hope to see as yawning is a great release and helps relaxation. 

Josh showed us that he was done with the Reiki session and headed for the pasture that Henry was in, but before entering he had the best time rubbing and scratching himself on the fence post. We really felt that the fence post was getting the worst of the session.

Meet Sherman. He is the newest resident at TREES. He can be quite shy but he came out of his hospital room.

Sherman is beginning to get the hang of the healing energy as he gave many yawns while we were with him.

Sherman spent quite a bit of time in the healing circle. Thank you Sherman.

Before leaving TREES for the day and heading north I always try to spend time with Nathan. He has my heart and is an amazing teacher for me. Here he was flirting. Thank you to everyone that was able to join us today. It was a very special day.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Animal Reiki I

This past Sunday the Reiki I class was held at TREES (Traveller's Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary) in Spotsylvania, VA.

The morning started out very foggy and yet it was a beautiful and very warm day for November. TREES is about one hour south of Washington, DC.

I always love turning off of the main road onto the drive or lane going to the main house. It always feels to me like I have entered a totally different place and time. I love to take my time driving up to the main gate.

As I drive up the hill you are in a fairyland. The trees on either side seem to embrace you and protect you. At different times of the year there are different flowers, mushrooms and other wonderful plants that ask you to stop and greet them. Most people just drive by without acknowledging them, but they are there. Even the air seems to change in that place. I like to stop and breathe it all in and let go of my drive down. Ah, I have arrived. Thank you.

Just before I get to the main gate I like to stop and look to the left and say hello to Forrest. His final resting place is over in that direction. Sometimes I see foxes playing in that field. I always smile, as I feel welcomed. I always like pulling up to the gate, getting out of the car, opening the gate, get back in the car, pull through the gate, get out of the car, close and lock the gate and get back in the car to continue driving down the lane toward the house. It is a ritual that I look forward to as I feel that I leave behind everything from the world that I came from and transform myself feeling my connection to the earth and the animals at that point in time.

There is always a wonderful welcoming committee as you drive to the place that you park your car. In the front pasture there are always many greeters.


Wade about to take a drink of water

I believe this is Mona on the other side of the lane eating breakfast.

Back on the right side of the lane is Freddy, other wise known as Fred Astaire. He was a bit dirty as the mud was fresh due to the recent rain.

The morning was spent completing the human part of Reiki I. Everyone was able to experience a group Reiki session both giving and receiving. That is one of my favorite things to do.

Hannah never has trouble showing students the correct way to work with Reiki. She is never shy when it comes to healing energy work. Thank you Hannah.

After lunch we begin working with the animals. Many people will tell you that there is no difference when working with animals or humans but the animals will show you that the statement is not true. There are many differences.

(photo by Chris Smith)
The first thing that you need to do is introduce yourself to the animal and ask them if they would like some Reiki or "love" now. Next you begin to "offer" the Reiki energy hands off allowing the animal to choose if they want to come closer to you or not. Above Mona was trying to figure out what we were doing in her field as this was her very first group Reiki session.

(photo by Chris Smith)
She came closer to see what was going on and did not quite understand the situation, but was alright with all of us being there. She walked on and away from the circle but we all stayed where we were holding the space and offering the energy.

(photo by Chris Smith)
The students could not see that the horses in the pasture across the lane from us were all coming to the fence. Some began lower their heads, yawning and licking and chewing, all signs that an animal is taking the energy.

(photo by Chris Smith)
On the other side of the pasture both Henry and Josh came to the fence and were taking in the energy. The two of them are old pros with this energy. It was such a delight for me to see that Henry had company now. The long time loner has a dear friend now.

(photo by Chris Smith)
Fitz and Mona decided to come back into the circle and went to several students for Reiki. They were ready now. About 20 minutes had passed. If we had given up on them, as most people would do, we would have missed this wonderful opportunity.

(photo by Chris Smith)
The horses at TREES all come to understand the "Reiki circle" and how it works. It was quite a success as we realized that not only had the horses in that pasture taken the energy on their own terms but also horses on both sides did the same.

The group thanked the horses and we went to meet TREES newest resident, Sherman. He was shy at first and stayed inside his "hospital" building but he was curious and kept peeking out.

(photo by Chris Smith)
He began licking and chewing right away. Doesn't he have the sweetest face?

We were all delighted when he came out to greet us and to get a closer look-see for himself. He stayed with Melanie for quite a long time and eventually went to everyone, one at a time.

The day ended inside as we had time for questions and answers and of course the handing out of the Reiki I practitioner certificates. Congratulations to everyone.

Of course I cannot leave without thanking the amazing and very wise Hannah. She always keeps me on track.

And finally I must thank Traveller the amazing teacher he as become. Traveller prefers animal communication to Reiki but does love to take all of the energy in. He reminds us to journal and write down all of our experiences with the animals for there are many lessons to be learned and they are our greatest teachers.

We all left Traveller's Rest different people that we were when we arrived. I thank Chris and Mike for making it possible for us to be there and I thank all of the animals for teaching us and sharing their wonderful home with us.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Reiki level one

Today was day one of the Reiki I workshop. Great group of animal lovers. We will all head south to Traveller's Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary tomorrow morning for the 2nd day of the class with the animals. The residents of TREES love Reiki and are wonderful teachers. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us tomorrow.

This is Hanna. She has been helping me teach Reiki since April 2008. She takes the job very seriously and will leave the room if students don't pay attention! So be on your toes everyone.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Advanced animal communication

Day two of the 5 day advanced animal communication counseling course with Penelope Smith in Prescott, AZ. Very powerful stuff. There are 11 students, one assistant and me, the apprentice! The past two days have been totally focused on being present. Actually being present with a human. You see, professional animal communication is not all about animals. Most of the time the issues are with the human and reflected by the animal.

There is a fine art, if you will, to be totally present with another human. To listen. Really listen to what they have to say without putting your own agenda and 'stuff' into the conversation. It has been a privilege to observe the wonderful and sweet students as they get real with themselves and go deep with this work. They are changing right before our eyes as they open and soften.

Tomorrow we will begin teaching about actual consultations. These people are going to be very good animal communicators.