Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Winter Bluebirds

Winter Bluebirds

Can you hear the chatter? So much fun and information!

Bluebirds only seem to come to our yard in the winter when it is either snowing or extremely cold. We have a heated birdbath that attracts all kinds of wonderful beings during the below freezing time of the year. Usually they are only on the birdbath but this winter they were flocking to one of the feeders.

I was in a morning meditation and my eyes were not 100% focused when I first noticed the lovely blue color of the males. They visited several times that day. They had much to say.

I hope you enjoy spending some time with them. Let me know what messages or lessons you receive.

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The Morning Chatter: Meditation with Mushrooms & Deer

Wild Mushrooms & Deer

It was September and the sun was lowering in the west as I was walking in our yard. This was the largest crop of orange/yellow mushrooms ever. As I began to photograph them Mommy, my deer friend, and family began to come into our yard for their evening snack.

This was a special moment in time where the earth energy and the animals of nature were very strong and yet so sweet.

Please enjoy as I share this special moment with you. Feel the wisdom of the mushrooms and their connection to the earth and wood and trees as the deer are enjoying life.....

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