Friday, June 11, 2010

Lessons from Lucy


Recently I introduced you to Lucy. She said that she would share a meditation with you that will help you to become closer to your own animal companions.

Lucy lives with two male german shepherds, Juan and Nino. She wanted me to tell you that they have also shared meditations with me. Each meditation has grown out of the first one. You don't have to be an animal communicator or Reiki practitioner to work with these simple, yet profound meditations. Just give them a try and see the difference in your animal friend(s).

I hope you like it as much as I do.

It is always important to be grounded so the first part of the meditation is a guided meditation to connect you to the earth energy. (You can use any meditation that you like, as long as it connects you to the earth.)

Make sure you are comfortable and that you will have no distractions such as phone calls.

Feel your feet on the ground and your body in the chair.
Take a nice, slow, deep breath in.
When you breath out, let any tension that you are feeling in your body go.
With each slow breath in and out release a little more tension.

Bring your focus to your feet.
Feel them, and feel the connection to the surface that they are touching. Just notice.

Imagine that you have roots coming out of the bottoms of your feet. Allow them to go deep into the earth. With each out breath feel these roots going deeper into mother earth.
Send these roots as deep as you can. Pretend that they can penetrate all substances of mother earth like the soil, rocks, water, gas, oil, all the way to the center of the earth. Don't worry, the lava at the center of the earth can not hurt you in any way. Draw from this powerful energy.

On your next in breath imagine that the earth energy is flowing up your roots and into the bottom of your feet.

Feel mother earth caressing your feet and loving you. She loves you so much. Feel that love entering your body through your feet.

Allow the earth energy to flow up your legs, into the trunk of your body, down your arms and into your head.

Now you have earth energy flowing through every cell in your body and you are grounded as well as protected by the love that mother earth has for you.

Bring your attention to your animal friend. They may or may not be near you. If they are not physically in your presence, just imagine that they are sitting or laying down in front of you.

Feel your connection with your animal friend. Feel your hearts connected to each other.

Notice your breathing....
Notice your animal friend's breathing....

When you breath out, your animal friend is breathing you in.
When your animal friend breathes out, your are breathing them in.

This is like a tree and a human. We give each other life in this way.
Lucy and her friends say that we humans should be with our animal friends in this way. Relaxed and breathing each other.

Lucy says to do this every day for just a little bit and notice how you feel.
Notice any changes in your relationship with you and your animal friend.
Simply BE in the space and place together.
The animals remind us that communing with nature is communication.
All we have to do is be.
Be in the moment with each other.
See what happens.

Have fun.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lessons from Lucy

Meet Lucy

Lucy is a great teacher of mine as well as many others. She lives with her wonderful family in El Salvador. Lucy has been teaching me for quite a while now and she has given me permission to share some of her teachings with you. 

Here is today's lesson from Lucy:

Be perfectly present

This morning as I was having a mini conversation with Lucy and getting ready to offer some healing energy when she stopped me in my tracks. She said to me that we humans need to be perfectly present when we are with another human or an animal. Lucy says it is very important to practice this every day. If we we do this we will get better and then it will become part of who we are. We will become good listeners.

What does Lucy mean when she says being perfectly present?

Lucy went on to say, when we humans are with another human we need to make direct eye contact. Don't be looking around at other things. Be right there in the moment with the other person. She says it is as if what they are saying is the most important and special thing that you have ever heard. She says, when we make eye contact it helps us to totally focus and really listen to what the other person is saying. Everyone, including animals, loves to have someone really care about what they have to say. We feel good. We feel like we matter. It is a very special gift to be totally present with another being as if the two of you are the only ones in the whole world. 

Lucy reminded me that when a human is listening to an animal it might not be comfortable for them if you make direct eye contact. Some species take direct eye contact as a threat. In a case like that it would be better for you to look away, but you can still be totally present with that animal and listen. 

Lucy says, "It is important to be totally there for and with the animal and "listen". 
Just be. 
Don't force anything. 
Be open. 
No judgements. 
Just listen and BE and allow the experience to flow...flow in the moment."

Lucy continues, talking about a better way to work with animals...."Once one is in the place of listening and being, it is time to move forward with a communication session or healing session. The experience will be totally different than if one was to just say "hello" to the animals and then begin the conversation and/or session."

Lucy reminds us to practice this everyday. Look into the person or animal's eyes. Listen to what they are saying. Notice when you are distracted and bring yourself back. Notice the difference in the quality of your relationships as you begin to make "being perfectly present" a part of who you are. 

Thank you Lucy.

Next time, Lucy will share with you some meditations that are wonderful to do with your animal friends.