Thursday, October 29, 2009


I traveled to Arizona yesterday. This is my very first time to the south west. The 2 hour shuttle trip from Phoenix to Prescott was amazing. There really are tall cactus that look like giant men. (I will have photos at some point in time but I forgot the cable that goes from my camera to my computer!) Not many trees at all on the mountains like back east. The sun was out but one hour into the trip it began to snow. The over night temp. was 20 degrees! I was freezing, thirsty because it is so dry here and sometimes short of breath because of the altitude here in the beautiful mountains of Prescott.

Yesterday was Penelope's (My animal communication teacher, mentor and friend) birthday. Nancy and I brought dinner over and we had a celebration. Tomorrow the 5 day animal communication counselor course will begin. I will  be Penelope's apprentice, learning to teach the class. There is going to be a good size group but for this level it is best for it not to be too big.

I had the honor of meeting Sherman, Penelope's 21+ year old long haired orange kitty. He is more than a master teacher. There will be lots of wonderful animal teachers at this course.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lessons from the animals


I had been planning on changing the first day of the workshop for some time now and this weekend seemed to be the perfect time. There usually are no animal present on the first day but this time we were joined by the most delightful dog named Zen. He was so kind and patient with us as we learned to open our hearts to send and receive information telepathically to and from him. The connections were deep and sometimes profound. He agreed to say for another exercise allowing everyone to experience life through his eyes and body as we asked him to show us from his point of view the answer to questions that his mom's had for him.

Sunday the class moved to Traveller's Rest. I felt that magical things would take place but I had no idea what was in store for all of us. As soon as Carole and I arrived at the gate the magic began. Carole went to visit her 'guy' Henry and I went with Chris to see Nathan in his new home. We found Nathan laying down enjoying the very warm sunshine.

Nathan in the sunshine

Kitties Traveller and Hanna helped out during the inside portion of the course and Lucy, Lizzie, Wade, Sonny and others were our teachers when we went out. During the course of the day we were taken to very advanced animal communication topics and experiences including conversations with animals that are in spirit now.

Hanna teaching class

I believe that each of us left there forever changed by all of our animal teachers. If you open your heart to all of the possibilities the animals will teach you and show you the way. How lucky and blessed we all are to have such amazing beings (the animals) in our lives. All I can say is thank you.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A beginning in Paradise

I am new to blogging and am looking forward to many adventures in Animal Paradise. The animals have become my greatest teachers. Everyday is a new lesson and adventure for me as I look at life with new eyes and an open heart.

Sunday, tomorrow, I will have the honor to visit Traveller's Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary in Spotsylvania, VA to teach a Basic Animal Communication workshop. Learning from the elders as well as the younger residents of TREES is the most amazing experience. I will share some of our lessons and adventures.