Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beginning Animal Communication workshop - July 2010

Congratulations to the recent participants of the beginning animal communication workshop that took place at Traveller's Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary at the beginning of July. .
 All eyes are on Rufus

The day started out cloudy as I headed south to Traveller's Rest. Not rain clouds, but the puffy clouds that dreams are made of. 

Just me and hundreds of my closest friend heading south in I-95 about 35 miles an hour!
Hannah chooses just the right chair as Chris and I wait for the students to arrive. Hannah wanted to know where the Reiki symbols were as she loves to teach Reiki. This time she actually decided to stay for the Animal communication workshop. She often leaves but the last two she has taken her place in the circle insisting on having her own chair.

Traveller on the other hand much prefers a box. Usually he sits on a table next to me during an AC workshop but this time he was in or on top of a box usually under the table being "invisible".

Ruby has become quite a teacher during all of the classes at TREES. She likes introductions and meeting and greeting everyone.
Fast moving, Ms. Pistopher Polumbus (world traveller and explorer) checks to make sure we are on track. 

The group heads out for their final conversation with an animal. It is hard to choose as there are so many amazing teachers at TREES. 
In the communion comes a deep connection and a new friend is made. The heart to heart, soul to soul connection between human and animal. Something that one will not soon forget. 
What are they thinking? What do they have to teach me? What do they want to say? Be still my friend. Breathe. Feel the earth beneath your feet and your connection to me heart and soul. Don't be in a hurry. Relax and let all of your cares and worries go for a moment in time. Let us teach you and show you the way.....
Nathan comes out from the shade of his shelter, into the hot sun, to see what is going on with the girls. Oh a student. Will she connect with the wisdom of the elders? Everyone is supporting her and encouraging her to open, listen and feel the magic. 

 The time always passes so fast when you visit Traveller's Rest. As I was packing up to head out I almost had a hitchhiker. Katy would not have been amused.
I always have to spend time with Nathan when ever I visit TREES. As I was leaving Nathan was on his walk about. Can you hear this conversation??
Ah, to be in the country for a moment is such a gift. Being so close to nature, away from the hustle of the city and suburbs.... Take me home, country road.... Take me to TREES. Thank you to all the residents of Traveller's Rest for allowing us to spend the day with you. Thank you for opening many more humans to the animals and all that is. Until we meet again......