Monday, December 14, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Sunrise

The Morning Chatter: Sunrise

(With music)

I used to be a "night owl" and still can be but I also have a great love for getting up at "o-dark-thirty". There is something magical in the moments just before the sun rises. There is a stillness, peace and calm feeling just before nature seems to wake up. The air feels different and the energy in the moment also has such a lovely feeling to it. I usually go outside to fill the bird feeders and make sure there is water in the birdbath. Sometimes the stars are still shining and I see the moon in the sky. Often in the warmer months a single deer or a family are laying down just watching me go about my chores. 

In an instant, if you take a moment to pause and notice, you will notice that the sky is getting lighter and  nature is beginning to stretch and yawn. It is as if all the wild ones are helping the sun rise up through the trees. The birds begin singing and calling. Can't you just feel and hear it all?

Please enjoy this edition of The Morning Chatter as the sun begins to glow between tree trunks. The air is making the leaves and branches of the trees move, dance and sing their song. Just take a moment and BE. BE with the sun and feel it glowing as you connect with all of nature through your feet on the ground. 

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Friday, November 27, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Hawk & Crows

The Morning Chatter: Hawk & Crows

Our kitty Rudy gets me up every morning before the sun comes up. I have never been a morning person until he came into our lives. One thing I love is seeing the sun come up and hearing the birds sing their morning songs. 

This latest edition to the Morning Chatter is a view out my window. I saw a hawk sitting on a fence with a crow not too far away. Are they friends? What are they saying? Or are they just BEING in the moment? You will have to watch the video to find out. 

As the morning progressed a squirrel found a tasty breakfast but when the crow people arrived the squirrel decided to dine at another bird feeder. 

I love the crows. They have so much fun and their communication with each other... well you just never know what they are doing to say. 

I invite you to take a moment and BE with the animals as the day begins. See if you can feel their communications. What is it like to be each of them? Try you communication skills by just BEING with them. 

Feel free to share any experience you might have below. 

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The Morning Chatter: Hawk & Crows

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Fall Sunrise The

The Morning Chatter: Fall Sunrise

Start every morning connecting to nature. Just BE in the moment and breathe it all in. Be still for just a short time. Connect to your animal friends. Greet the day. Feel your connection to Mother Earth and your own heart and soul. Smile with your heart and feel your belly! 

This morning there is a chill in the air and the wind is blowing causing the tree branches to gently dance and sway as the remaining leaves on the trees seem to vibrate and sing a song of celebration. 
Please enjoy the video of the sun rise. Listen carefully to the song of the wind as a cardinal family chirps and peeps and our kitty Rudy sings his song in response. 

There is no background music with this video so you can fully enjoy the sounds of nature with no distractions. 

  The Morning Chatter: Fall Sunrise

Monday, October 19, 2015

Lessons From Lucy & Friends

How Cats Meditate


It is a chilly morning. The first freeze of the season and my kitty Rudy is on my lap acting like a warm heating pad, as I get ready to do my morning meditation. The moment I was going to begin the meditation I had the thought or feeling come into my mind that led me to ask Rudy how it is that cats and all felines seem to be able to go into deep meditation while staying very alert and present? 

He immediately shifted his body in my lap and placed all four of his paws/feet on my lower belly or hara/tanden. That part of his message was crystal clear to me, keep your feet on the ground and be fully connected to the earth energy. He actually shared that it is much more powerful to have all 4 feet on the ground! At that moment the bottoms of my feet became very warm as well as both of my hands. 

The answer to my question about how kitties are able to stay alert while in what appears to be very deep meditation was easily experienced but more difficult to put into words. The best I can say is the feeling seemed to be somewhere just before one falls asleep. It was a very relaxed feeling while at the same time allowing one to be fully aware and present. He physically showed me his ears. They were up, allowing him to be completely aware of what was taking place around him in all directions. 

The lesson from Rudy as to how felines are able to be fully present while in a meditative state is to have all feet on the ground and to keep your ears open. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Hummingbird

The Morning Chatter: Hummingbird

A few days ago I was standing just outside my back porch looking up at the sky and treetops when I heard a buzz near my left ear. I felt the air moving slightly around my head. It happened very fast and kind of made me feel as if my head was slightly vibrating. I turned to my left and saw a hummingbird right next to me completely absorbed in a lovely purple blossom on a butterfly bush. I could hardly breathe or move. I had never been that close to such a lovely and magical being before. In that moment I moved my hand as slowly as possible to pull my iPhone out of my right pants pocket attempting to capture the moment in a photo or even better a video. In some ways I hated moving. Each slow and gentle movement slightly distracted me from the experience of being in the energy of this wonderful soul. 

"They" say that hummingbirds and dragonflies can move between realms. I don't know if this is true or not. I will leave that up to you but I do know that they are magical to me. 

I hope you enjoy this short moment with a hummingbird.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Buck, Doe & Rudy

The Morning Chatter: Buck, Doe & Rudy

Our morning routine consists of the simple things of life as we stop and greet the day after coming downstairs. Before breakfast I usually go out and fill the bird feeders and check to see who is visiting or maybe spent the night close by. This morning, as Rudy watched me from the porch, our friendly deer pair came bounding from the wooded area at the back and side of our yard. I have known them since they were spotted fawns. As babies I called them Prince Charming and the Princess. Now Charming is quite the king and man about town and his sister, the Princess, remains near by him most of the time. 

This week he shed his antler velvet and for the first time his antlers are in all their glory. 

I invite you to watch this short video and feel the fun that Rudy and I have most mornings as we are greeted by our deer friends. How do you feel as you connect with them?

Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Rudy & Chipmunk

The Morning Chatter

Rudy & Chipmunk

There is always something or someone catching Rudy's attention each morning. Always so much activity as the world wakes up and begins a new day. Rudy keeps watch over his kingdom and gets the "morning chatter". The Morning Chatter can be the news of the day. Each of the animals as well as insects and other begins bring news from far and wide as well as the local gossip. You never know who will show up and what they might have to say. 

This morning a chipmunk happily fills his cheeks with sunflower seeds as Rudy watches. 

What news to you receive when you connect with them? So much fun.... 

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The Morning Chatter: Slug & Ant

The Morning Chatter

The Slug & the Ant

I think back on all the times that I felt the need to "get rid of" the slugs in the garden. Why? What did they do to me? Ok... they would eat the veggies that I planted and other things but did they really do that much harm? Did they deserve the various ways that I tried to "get rid" of them? NO! 

In this moment I happened to be walking toward something totally unrelated to a slug when I looked down and saw this one slowly but very steadily moving across my path heading somewhere. Something "told" me to get my iPhone out and record a video. I did. In the moment I connected with the slug. What a sweet soul. Maybe you might join me for a moment and watch this video and feel the slug. Feel what it is experiencing in just BEING and living. I love the antennae and its mouth as the body just seems to float on the hard surface. 

Then there is the ant that appears in the top left corner at first. I did not notice the ant until I first viewed this video. Can you "hear" or feel their communication as they notice each other. The ant is very quick and seems curious about the slug. Oh there is a very quick back and forth between them as they meet and then go their separate ways. 

I hope you enjoy this very brief moment with a slug and ant and maybe your will look at them through different eyes. I know I did. 

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Butterflies & Flowers

The Morning Chatter: Flowers & Butterflies

Summer is in full swing here on the east coast of the USA. The butterfly bush provides a playground attracting many visitors. I never know who will show up. The energy is always lively and at times serious but I mostly feel light and playful. 

This day there was a hummingbird moth and several different butterflies as well as a bumble bee flitting around gathering and drinking nectar. Other insects can be heard singing and chattering away along with crows cawing while other birds put their two cents in. 

Each day we should either go outside or look our our windows for a moment to connect with some form of nature and just listen. Breathe in the natural life and energy that is all around us no matter where we live. Take a moment and feel your connection with Mother Earth through your feet on the ground or floor and relax as you watch and listen to the video below. 

It is best watched full screen with the sound turned up. 

Can you hear the hummingbird moth as it buzzes by? 

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Rudy's Deer Friends

The Morning Chatter: Rudy's Deer Friends

It was a beautiful early spring morning in April. The cherry blossoms were in bloom and the early spring flowers were dancing every so daintily in the cool air. Rudy was on his porch watching over his deer friends. They often come for their breakfast of fallen birdseed and cracked corn. Last years fawn, now almost one year old now, love to play and scamper around the yard. Rudy is usually fixated on them as they greet each other with a morning hello. 

As you watch and listen to this video, take a slow in and out breath and feel as if you are with Rudy observing the deer family. Feel who they are and connect with them on a deeper level. Imagine the cool spring air and feel the greenery coming alive. Listen for the songs of the various birds that are filled with such joy to have another morning to sing. 

I hope you join in the conversation. The conversation of just "being". Be in the moment and feel the communion of all nature coming to life and waking up. 

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Friday, March 13, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Woodpecker

The Morning Chatter: Woodpecker

I was working in my office and I saw something moving outside my office window out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and had to take off my computer glasses to clearly see what it was. A pileated woodpecker. You know the Woody Woodpecker kind. He or she was happily pecking away at the bark of a dead dogwood tree.

I love the rythm that can be found in all life. There is a beat to everything, we just need to listen. There is a song and a dance and a communication. All we need to do is be still and listen. Music is a universal language just like interspecies telepathic communication. So listen and feel the beat of this wonderful being and celebrate his/her dance.

Ah The Morning Chatter comes is all forms. We just need to open, feel and listen.

Turn up your volume and dance along with us....

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Winter Bluebirds

Winter Bluebirds

Can you hear the chatter? So much fun and information!

Bluebirds only seem to come to our yard in the winter when it is either snowing or extremely cold. We have a heated birdbath that attracts all kinds of wonderful beings during the below freezing time of the year. Usually they are only on the birdbath but this winter they were flocking to one of the feeders.

I was in a morning meditation and my eyes were not 100% focused when I first noticed the lovely blue color of the males. They visited several times that day. They had much to say.

I hope you enjoy spending some time with them. Let me know what messages or lessons you receive.

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The Morning Chatter: Meditation with Mushrooms & Deer

Wild Mushrooms & Deer

It was September and the sun was lowering in the west as I was walking in our yard. This was the largest crop of orange/yellow mushrooms ever. As I began to photograph them Mommy, my deer friend, and family began to come into our yard for their evening snack.

This was a special moment in time where the earth energy and the animals of nature were very strong and yet so sweet.

Please enjoy as I share this special moment with you. Feel the wisdom of the mushrooms and their connection to the earth and wood and trees as the deer are enjoying life.....

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Monday, January 26, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Snow


There is something magical about fresh falling snow. The air feels and smells different and the world feels fresh and clean. 

Rudy invites you to join him in the stillness and wonder of the Morning Chatter in the snow.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Sunrise


Take a moment each morning to watch and listen. Open all of your senses as you take a nice deep in breath, breathing it all in. Ah....

Rudy greeted the morning quite vocally as the birds began to gather and the sun began to rise in the sky through the naked branches of the trees. The birds brought the news and gossip of the day. Can you hear what they are saying? Take a moment and listen, feel and breathe....

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Healing Purrs

What is the Morning Chatter this morning?

Sometimes there is a message in the silence. Sometimes in a sweet and comforting purr....

Did you know that purrs are healing? They are!

Have you ever had a kitty or kitten sit on your lap and begin to purr? What happens to you? Don't you just instantly melt and relax? Maybe you smile and giggle. Well these are all positive emotions and when you relax, healing can take place.

Rudy invites you to spend a minute relaxing with him as you feel the vibration of his morning purr.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Morning Chatter: Stillness

Sometimes the mornings are quiet. The chatter needs no words or sounds. The messages and communication come in the beauty of the stillness as in the moments just before the dawning of the new day. 

This morning was such a time. The temperatures were below 5 degrees F with snow on the ground from the day before. There is a quiet and a stillness in the outside world as the sun began to come through the trees. 

This was my view through the window this morning as I settled to begin my Reiki practice and meditation. Can you too feel the connection to the earth and the heavens as the sun begins to let all beings know it is time for a new day? Feel your connection to the animals as they begin to arrive, say hello and continue with their day. The "chatter" is more quiet today but the communication and communion is quite clear and profound. 

In the beauty and stillness may you have a moment to breathe it all in and fill your heart and soul with the love of "The Morning Chatter".