Saturday, December 31, 2016

Signs & Messages

Messages and Signs

When we connect deeper with our animal friends and all of nature our whole being can change. We each experience life in our own unique way. It is important that we are open to the world around us. Often we are so caught up in the stuff of life or focused on our mobile devises when we are out in the world, we miss the subtle messages and signs that are given to us every day and moment. I would like to share with you one such moment that left me speechless and in awe. 

On September 28th, 2016 my life was forever changed because it was the day that my father made his transition from this physical life to one that is fully in spirit form. I was told by a friend that it was as if he had been in a very dark cave that was covered with a boulder and suddenly the boulder was rolled away and there was light guiding him out of the darkness.

I had been asking for signs or messages from Dad and I did my best to be open to possibilities. The morning after he died I saw 3 foxes run through our yard. I have never see 3 foxes at the same time in the 30 years we have lived here, so I took that as a possible sign from Dad but was not 100% sure. 

Then a butterfly that I had never seen before or since, circled my head 3 times and landed on a flower right in front of my face. The energy of this delightful being was so high and fast and yet calm and peaceful. There was a smile in every cell of my body!

But it was less than one week later, the day after his funeral, as I walked out of his assisted living facility after cleaning and packing, that I…. Well I have no words. Instead I would like to share with you what I saw.

As I walked toward my car I looked at the setting sun and noticed there was a “sun dog” to the left of the sun. (A sundog is a rainbow that can appear on either side of the setting sun if conditions are right) I gasped with joy. I had just been thinking about the sundog that our kitty Sammy sent us on the day that he died in 2007. It was a big rainbow eye in the sky to the right of the setting sun. Sammy sent it again on the last day of a week long trip that I was on with the humpback whales in the Silver Bank. Again we saw the big rainbow eye on the right side of the setting sun as we headed in to our boat.  

Those were amazing but nothing compared to what I experienced this day.
I walked into the parking lot toward my car and saw this:

There were no words. No words could be spoken.
I stopped in my tracks (I did take pictures thankfully).

This photo is the sundog close up.

I was speechless and in awe.

I got in my car to begin driving home. The parking lot opened up exposing more of the sky and this is what I saw next….

I jumped out of the car to take photos because I knew no one would believe me and then I just stood there in the moment. Holy cow dad!!! Thanks!

Next I called my husband, who was at home, and asked him to run outside and look at the sun to see if he could see what I saw. The tree line blocked the sun and he told me that he could not see anything, but he looked up straight over his head and said all he could see was a rainbow and his neck was hurting from looking up like that. That seemed very strange to me and there was nothing like that were I was.

When I arrived home I stood in our drive way and looked straight up to see this….

I have never seen a rainbow in the clouds. How is this possible?

I felt like this was yet another sign from Dad, A smiling rainbow. Dad’s beautiful blue eyes and his rainbow smile looking down over the top of our house.

That was a pretty big sign and message if you ask me! I felt that my father was trying to let us know that he is just fine, actually better than fine. It was as if he was having the best time and wanted to share a tiny bit with us.

My heart still hurts so much missing him, but it is also filled with love and comfort as I am always in awe of nature, the animals and the great mystery of the all that is.

A couple of days after the Sundog my brother, nephew and I were at Dad’s apartment clearing it out and looked out the window and saw this:

I knew this too was a sign from Dad. He loved looking out his window and from time to time these big birds would sit on the top of a tree and the two of them seemed to have a conversation. This bird posed for us and seemed to be deeply and purposefully connected to us, as we stood at the window together in the moment filled with wonder and awe. There were messages but they are personal.

Always try to remember to take a moment to open to possibilities that there are signs and messages around you all the time. Look for them. They may be a shiny penny, a feather, butterflies or flowers, or a bird that seems to be singing just for your pleasure and enjoyment. Listen, feel, experience and have fun. The animals and all of nature have so much to teach and share with us.

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